KU Leuven has a strong core of student representative in all programs and campuses.

Simple visualisation of student participation at KU Leuven

Stura (Studentenraad KU Leuven)

It is a university-wide student council. It represents students from all campuses and programs at KU Leuven, both Flemish and international ones.

StEB (Studentenoverlegorgaan Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfswetenschappen)

StEB is a university-wide student council of the Faculty of Economics and Business. It represents all students of economics and business across four campuses of KU Leuven, both Flemish and international.

POC (Permanent Education Committee) at FEB

To ensure communication between the Faculty and students, elected phase representatives of ISCEB represent the students in the POCs (Permanent Education Commission). There is one POC per program. In the POC the student representatives, professors and program director work together to create the most ideal program.

ISCEB (International Student Council of Economics and Business)

As the international community at FEB, KU Leuven, campus Brussels has been growing over the past years, international student council has been created to group its representative. ISCEB (formerly IASR) represents international students at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) on campus Brussels.