Student Charter

Ensuring a pleasant environment

We ensure a clean, pleasant and safe environment.

We use the stairs for climbing one or two floors. We do not use the elevator for travelling up and down.

We eat our sandwiches in the student restaurant, the break areas or the lounges.

All waste should be left in the appropriate trash cans. We look after a campus which is clean and pretty.

We only smoke in designated areas and put cigarette butts in the ashtrays.

Whenever necessary we make ourselves known to the staff. We respect the authority of the stewards.

We take great care in handling the equipment and other items that belong to the institution or a third party. We do not cause damage to equipment or buildings.

We accept the authority of professors, stewards and staff to act in case of disturbing behavior.

Respecting each other

We respect the privacy and integrity of fellow students, staff and professors.

We show respect for differences. Our strength lies in our diversity.

At all times we behave in a courteous and respectful manner, also on social networking sites or when using other channels of communication.

We ensure that the use of digital communication never offends or hinders fellow students, staff, professors or others.

We refrain ourselves from any form of unwanted behavior, like (sexual) intimidation, aggression, violence or discrimination.

We conduct ourselves towards others as we would have them conduct themselves towards us.

At all times we take responsibility for our own behavior.

Attending class

We are aware of our responsibility to ensure an open and pleasant study environment.

We provide a campus where it is good to stay.

We take our studies seriously and come to campus and attend classes in a committed way.

We arrive to class on time and don’t leave the room until break time.

If we should arrive late for reasons beyond our will, we quietly take a seat in the back or enter during the break.

During class we do not disturb others by involving them in conversations that have nothing to do with the topic.

We communicate in a polite, professional and task-oriented manner with professors and staff.

We don’t use mobile phones, smartphones or iPods during class.

Notebooks and iPads should only be used for class purposes.

We make clear agreements with each other, with staff and with professors and stick to these agreements.