General assemblies

What are the general assemblies? 

General Assemblies (GA) are assemblies held by the student council, mainly targeted at international studentrepresentatives, although everyone is invited to attend them. The GA sets the strategic guidelines for ISCEB and makes decissions on campus and education related topics. The board of ISCEB prepares these meetings and excutes the decissions made by the GA.

This way, students can be more involved in activities and campus life in general, while not feeling lost as they listen to a language that most of them do not understand.  

When are the asseblies held? 

The first General Assembly will be held in the beginning of October. There the board will represent their (policy) plan for the coming academic year.

In this meeting, there will also be the election of new students that want to become part of one the teams (each board member is allowed to have a team) that will be helping with the organising of different activities we have planned and aiding the boardmembers in the execution of their tasks. 

Over the course of the academic year, at least 5 of these General Assemblies are expected to be held, in order to help as much as possible in the integration of international students in the campus life.  

General Assembly Reports  

At the end of each General Assembly, there will be an End Report discussing and summarising everything said as well as every concern raised by the students during the General Assembly.  

This report is written by the Secretary of the Executive Board, and can be read by anyone who wishes to know what has been discussed in the assembly.  Here you can find ISCEB reports.

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