Applicants motivations

BBA 1:

Huzaifa Imtiaz Bhatti: Gaining new experience from a diverse community

Muhammad Rizky:

There’s a proverb which goes, “if you want to walk fast, you walk alone but if you want to walk far, you walk together.” KU Leuven campus Brussels is a very diverse community consisting of people from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. And I am sure, students of our university have their own talents and skills. Unfortunately, we are naturally inclined to isolate ourselves or have the tendency to mingle only with our cliques. The International Student Council of Economics, therefore, serves a very crucial role in establishing harmonious relationships between students and other members of the community. My experience as the vice president of my school — Knightsbridge School International Montenegro — has taught me that it is possible to do so. During one year tenure, we created multiple events such as winter party, weekly sporting events, in an effort to break social and hierarchical backgrounds between the students themselves. In addition, I too have been a long member of CISV which is an international organization that advocates for global peace and friendship. With my experiences in leadership and the global community, I hope I could provide valuable input to the organization. It would be an honor for me to be able to be a part of ISCEB.

Mohd Hamza Khan:

I look forward to making the university life better for the students not only in studies, but the whole university life experience in general. I’d like to help and represent my batch mates and be more socially responsible.

Deniz Sanli:

I just wanted to become a member of this society to have an active role in my schools student activities and to work with other people. Develop my network.

Hasan Mammadli:

I’m looking forward to enhance my social outstanding in ISCEB and represent it at every circumstance successfully. Furthermore, I believe that by representing ISCEB, I will gain a lot of experience in my career path.

Andreea Lazarescu:

I would like to become a student representative for Bba students because I believe that in order to have a healthy learning environment ,students needs need to be heard and they should have a place where they could share their ideas and complete their personal development.Like in any company, communication enhances performance ,therefore in order for students to maximise their results ,the learning place should be tailored to their needs.

Kemal Arda Yildirim:

My motivation to attend the ISCEB is to have the opportunity to help fellow students, and I believe having this opportunity will improve my skills.

Altay Özkut:

I would like to be able to represent the KU Leuven students in ISCEB simply because their rights and future are in their hands thanks to such student organizations, and I firmly believe that with my past experiences running student campaigns, unions, organizations and conferences, I can take this task in the serious manner that it deserves.

Roshaanay Ali:

I’ve participated in student council organization throughout high school, even forming a brand new student council at one school with my schoolmates. Through my past experience I gained many skills. Most importantly, I got to understand my leadership style, which is primarily supporting and motivating others in having their ideas heard- I enjoy being able to prop others up. If I were selected for this role, my focus would be on making sure my peers’ concerns are being heard and their ideas are being implemented.

BBE 1:

Swarna Sundaram:

Dear students and members of ISCEB, my name is Swarna Sundaram and I’m a first year student in the Bachelor of Business Engineering program. As a fellow international student, I understand how tough it can be to study a variety of subjects, all while balancing out hobbies and socialising in a new country. It’s even tougher if there isn’t someone who can guide you with the do’s and don’ts of studying, especially at a prestigious university like KU Leuven – which is why I would like to become a student representative, so that I can help and guide students with their academic paths, as I have always been passionate about academics and education from a young age. From attending MEC (Model European Council) to organizing various events back in school, I have gained valuable knowledge and experiences in leadership positions – as I have been in a student council before, I strongly believe that I can carry out the responsibilities as a student representative using the skills that I have gained.

I believe that I am well suited for this role, as I know that it requires a good understanding of the responsibility of helping, listening and voicing out student’s opinions concerning academic and non academic matters – furthermore, having good communication skills with professors and students are essential qualities that I believe that I possess.

I would like to thank you for your time and effort and I hope that I will be accepted for this role.

Mustafa Arda Simsir: the reason I became a student representative that I want to be a part of student-faculty relationship and I want to participate in the events.

Kaan Danisman: I’m an older student who decided to come back to studying after having worked a couple of years. I also had an international upbringing similar to many students in KUL Brussels. I would like to offer my help to all fellow classmates to make the academic year as enjoyable as possible. I would also enjoy motivating the class by being a problem solver and contact point between the faculty and students for any questions!

Emre İnal:

in my life, I have always preferred to listen to others’ opinions instead of speaking continuously. Additionally, I would like to be a part of the society that influences the important decisions about our academic career and contribute to the decision making in our favor. That’s why I believe that I can assist my friends with listening their issues and solving their problems directly. Moreover, I would like to gain a better understanding of how the groups in university work.

Ali Ulvi Yılmaz:

ever since I have known myself, I was a person who tried to do his best to help other people in and outside the class. I enjoyed every second of the communication between me and the other people when I was sharing my knowledge with them. Throughout the high school, I helped my classmates as far as I could and this was not just about the courses. I helped them during the application process (to the universities) as well. During this process, the number of people I helped increased such that the program coordinator wanted me to share my experiences with students from lower grades. Secondly, I love to spend time on researching more details about the things related to my course (e.g. opportunities in and outside the campus). I believe this habit and my future experience at the university would keep me an active representative. In addition, I have also experience of being the head student representative in my school. Moreover, I had also become one of few members of the student representation council of Istanbul, which has been representing more than 3 million students. I believe these experiences can increase my contribution significantly. Lastly, I would enjoy to make group works with other representatives as I did before in different schools.


Alia Davies:

I have been studying at KU Leuven Campus Brussels for quite a few years now so I have experienced some of the issues that have happened in the past and some that still persist, but I feel like I am in a place now where I can make a difference. I am accustomed to the university and have gained some experience advocating for others over the last few years, which makes me feel comfortable with the prospect of being a student representative. I am studying a degree in an international environment which I truly enjoy, and if there is a way that I can help out my fellow classmates and ease the communication between them and our professors, I would love to be of assistance.

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