Vote for your student representatives

of program Business Engineering!

Phases: BBE2, BBE3

BBE 2 Phase

Muizz Moeen

I’ve been a highly vocal student and student representative since my high school years, I have served and won elections for headboy during my time and I feel the need to bridge the gap between the smallest and the biggest student issues towards the administration and wherever it seems to be voiced. I like to engage with all sorts of people and I feel passionate towards providing solutions as it gives me a sense of fulfilment as a person.

Kaan Danisman

Dear fellow students from BBE who will be starting their second phase, a good number of you know me from being a student representative for the first year of BBE. I am motivated to continue being your ambassador in handling our requests as students, our feedback and communication with the faculty and our involvement to make KUL FEB Brussels campus a continously improved experience for all of us !

Alika Gugnina

As a student myself I would love to see my university as a place where opinions of all students are valued and respected. In my opinion, the key for this lies in a coherent collaboration. On behalf of the representative of my program I would focus on the efficiency of this collaboration, helping KULeuven match the interests of its students in the most accurate and mutually beneficial way possible. Also, I’d make sure everyone feel comfortable and welcomed enough to share their concerns, comments or suggestions of any kind. Let’s accelerate changes together, with an effective collaboration and friendly community- ambiance!

BBE 3 Phase

Huzaifa Imtiaz Bhatii

Develop and strengthen leadership skills, connect with various cultures and help fellow students

Arthur Debelle

Dear friends, I’ve been student rep for the past 2 years of our program and it was a pleasure for me helping you all and solving the big issues we had. As some of you might know I will be on exchange for the 1st semester of BBE3, but I still want to apply and here’s why. I believe my experience and contacts can be useful for you (and for the other reps you will elect), even though I’ll be abroad. I’ll take my role seriously and will be as available as I was, just online instead of on campus. I will also be back in February for the 2nd semester, where I can again give my time and energy as I did until now.

I hope to see you in BBE3 and don’t hesitate to reach out even if I am not re-elected!

Best of luck,

Sanzhar Bolatov

I want to make difference both in my own life and in the Faculty. How? By doing this job I will acquire the necessary skills needed in my life as well as help the Faculty to become better by implementing suggestions and complaints of my fellow students. FEB still has a long way to become the best faculty, I want to be a part of the people who help to make it the best.

Malak Ahmed

Having participated last acamdeic year in ISCEB, I really enjoyed the experince and always being able to help out my fellow students and make sure their suggestions are heard by the university. If re-elected, I would definitiely work more and more towards commmunicating student opinions and presepctives to the board (and thus the faculty) in aims of reaching a better student experience at our university. In general I believe the students have so much to add to this university and I hope that in being a student representative I, alongside others, can help us all reach this goal.

Lea Abou Jaoude

Born and raised in a country where you constantly had to fight for your rights to be granted and for your voice to be heard, I’ve experienced resolving problems related to injustice, unawareness and indifference, especially in an educational setting.
Throughout these last 2 years at KU Leuven, we’ve all had our different experiences, but we also all went through some of the same problems and difficulties. As an international student, I’d love to become a student representative to make this last year a better, easier and smoother experience for everyone, listen to any and all issues that will arise, and raise the voices of each and every one of us!

Muhammad Ali Ghezwan

I’ve been a part of the student representatives for my faculty since the start of BBE, and I know the program and everything related to it quite well. I’m really easy to connect with my fellow batch mates and thoroughly am acquainted with most of my faculty so if anyone needs my help/guidance I’m a message away for them, I’ll be vocal for all queries students to faculty and bring in diplomatic solutions to any problems if so they arise. Moreover I have guided many on coming students to this major through the means of social media as well. I believe I’d be a great fit if elected to be your representative and rest assured will cater to your needs.
kind regards,
M Ali Ghezwan.

Bjanka Shaba

First of all, I am a committed and loyal person. I will take the time, whenever it is needed, to be an effective class representative. I’m good at managing and prioritising tasks, I have good communication skills and being a student representative requires organisation and time management skills which are my strong points. I am reliable, responsible, confident and have a positive attitude. Becoming a student representative I’ll be able to develop and strengthen my leadership skills and increase my knowledge.

Mariza Blloku

Hello everyone. My name is Mariza Blloku. Today I want to put forward my candidature for student representative of BBE. I see myself as e very responsible person and I believe this would help me keep up with the good work BBE representatives have done so far. I constantly spend time in thinking about new ways on how to make our student experience better. We will be on our final year and because of that, I believe that out voice need to be heard more than before. I promise to work hard on dealing with multiple problems you will face and also give my best to help as much as possible to overcome those problems. Thank you very much for your time!