Vote for your student representatives

of program Business Administration!

Phases: BBA2, BBA3, MBA

BBA 2 Phase

Jonas Martens

I set forward my candidature today to truly represent all students in the second year of BBA, who are being undervalued in the economics department. The Brussels campus needs more activities and possibilities like they have on the main campus in Leuven. Many students want to be involved in more student clubs that are not just focused on academics. They are either not able to join them (because of non-existence) or simply because they remain unaware of them.
Also, there is a need for more direct communication between campus and regular students, to offer students more possibilities they did not know they had. As a student representative, I would address these problems and aim to improve overall campus life.


I would like the chance to be a student representative to fully support and endorse my fellow students in the difficulties they may and have faced as I did. I also would like to be a student representative as I believe that KU Leuven and its students deserve competent and willing people in this role, to not just sustain the current quality of education and services but also have the desire to enhance it in every way possible, as I would.

Sabina Erikhanova

If people had to describe me in one word, it would be without a doubt extravert. I love how I can talk with anyone who I meet because I’m simply a very social person. It would be so much fun for me to be a student representatieve since i’m a confident speaker and have a strong character.

Dana Elgendy

I want to become a student representative because I would like to get a chance to help my fellow students and gain experience along the way that would help both improve my communication skills along with my leadership one!

Roshaanay Ali

Hello everyone, I’m Rosh. I joined ISCEB last year and contributed as a marketing manager. This year, I want to run as a student rep again. I believe I am a good fit for the role due to my past experience in student councils throughout high school, as well as at KUL. I hope to be able to improve campus life in Brussels and provide more interacting among students. If elected, I promise to try my best to help each of you, whether it be getting you some information or pursuing a bigger matter that you believe requires ISCEB’s attention. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you around 🙂

Deniz Sanli

I want to become a student representative to improve my social relations, to share my ideas about the things that will affect the lives of students at our university, to work with students from different ages, countries and majors, to talk to students with advanced vision and to gain experiences for my future life.

Muhammad Rizky

It has been an honour and privilege to represent you folks in the student council this year— I sincerely hope I can continue to do so in the next semester. Over the past few months, I have noticed— as I am sure you do too—that our campus has become better. Masks are off, lectures are back on campus, many events are organised, intra-campus relationships are harmonious – things are going well.
Yet, there are many things that can be improved, which is precisely why I am running for an election again. In the next term, I want to focus my advocacy for the creation of a university’s clinic. Mental and public health are important. It is a shame that our lovely campus is yet to have its own clinic. Therefore, this election has become an important one because a vote for the right person is a vote for better mental health and public health for me, you, and the university as a whole.
Having been a student representative for the past few months, I have realised that you not only need to know what you want, but more importantly how you want to achieve it. And having impeccable public speaking skills and leadership experience are essential. In my boarding school, I was voted to be vice president of the student council. We organised many events to promote multiculturalism and solidarity such as charity, prom, hiking trips, and sports competitions. Currently, I am also a member of our university’s debating club. I have honed these skills to ensure your voice is heard and considered by the faculty.
Given my leadership experience and public speaking skills, I consider myself to be the ideal candidate to represent your voice in the General Assembly. I can’t promise you anything but to continue to stand up for your rights and interests to the best of my ability.

Aayushi Desai

I am a very easygoing person and like to make new friends. Having transferred from BBE I don’t know many people and so I want to grab this opportunity to know them. At the same time, I consider taking responsibility an important part of the growing process, and what can be a better option to take responsibility than to be a student representative. I will try my best to solve as many issues as I can and be a good friend to other students.

Adilet Kabylbekov

Having lived and studied in Switzerland, the United States, Kyrgyzstan and Belgium, I have from a very young age developed an interest in the way the world works. Since then, my interest has gravitated towards economics. This, in its turn has allowed me to further my understanding in that field, but also to realise the very important role that companies play as actors of the world economy.

I find the internationality of the BBA student body at KU Leuven and its international focus a real asset for the programme. Working together with people from very different cultural backgrounds and personal experiences is very enriching especially in the business field. I am convinced that my own personal history and my background would allow me to fit in very well and contribute to the student community.

Doğa Uzunöz

Being a student representative is a crucial and responsible role to have, which is why I am very interested in being one for the BBA students at KUL campus Brussels. I have always recognized the importance of the work done behind the scenes in order to create effective changes. I also believe that it helps you stay in contact with the real world, which can be communicated through students. As a result, I wish to assist students in any way possible and to serve as a link between students and professors.

BBA 3 Phase

Alexandre Emanuel Tsvirkun de Freitas Cabral

Hi, my name is Alexandre, I’ve been a student representative for 2 years and hopefully next academic year too. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student representative and representing your voices. I am motivated to continue doing so until the end of our programme next year.

As a student representative and a student I believe that the university can still improve the way how they handle the international programmes at our campus. As we have seen through out this year with courses such as FSA, it is for this reason I wish to continue my role as student representative for a 3rd year so that I may help in changing and improving our and future students lives at our campus here in Brussels.

Ceyhun Uyan

I have been a part of ISCEB for nearly a school year so far. During my time as a student representative, I have been able to gain valuable insights regarding the functioning of ISCEB and what can be improved in which ways. I have been also able to help many students with their problems and questions, as well delivering their complaints and suggestions to the management. If I am to be elected for another term, I will keep doing my best to perform my duties as a student representative and not let my fellow students down. Thank you for your support in advance.

Doruk Boran Yeni

Dear Students,

Some of you know me personally and some know me as a Student Representative from the past years. In 21-22 I gave a year break after couple of years of being a Student Representative. But I now I am applying to be back as a Student Representative.

For the ones I haven’t met; I have been a Student Representative of the Faculty for couple of years, during the past years I was part of different committees on campus, defending your rights! I have generally supported students with their questions about KU Leuven regulations, and this year even if I am not a representative with the questions regarding the Milestone System. As always again you can trust me with the answers you receive about any type of questions you have about the regulations or anything else on Campus.

Thanks a lot for your support

Kind Regards
Doruk Boran Yeni

Jason Kelly

Hi, my name is Jason. If you don’t know me, I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from those places. I have now lived in Gaborone, Johannesburg, Dublin and Brussels. The unique perspectives that people from varying backgrounds bring are incredibly interesting and I excel when working in collaborative groups of these people to solve problems. I’m a motivated current member and associate of ISCEB and if I am re-elected to this position, I will not only continue promoting international student rights on campus in a representative role but also work towards being in the core leadership team and be a liaison at the highest level.

I pride myself on being open, polite and friendly with people from all walks of life so please feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want a chat!


Carla Huysmans

Hi all,

My name is Carla, and I’m a student in BBA phase 2 and a current ISCEB student representative. I’m running to continue as a representative for this next academic year as we move into phase 3.

ISCEB plays the important role of being a link between international students and the university’s administration & faculty. It has been an honor to be part of the student council, to help students, and to voice the opinions and issues students face during the General Assembly meetings. I promise to continue doing my best in this position and to represent your best interests.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂

Carla Huysmans

Leyla Naji

In the past, if I or my friends encountered uncertain situations in the university, or needed someone to speak up for them, we got that help and support for ISCEB. Now that I have been in the university for quite some time and feel ready, I would like to help my peers in the same way I got help. I would like to make the experience of studying in KU Leuven easier and less confusing for everyone who has been in my shoes before 🙂

Megan Cungu

Having experienced a great deal of youth exchange activities in my teen years, has had a great impact on my self- acceptance, self- growth, helping me confidently operate and thrive in multicultural environments. I do believe I have good understanding of the group dynamics and ability to foster the team spirit. Being a student of the Covid-19 era, I am well aware of the burden it had on our academic journey and mental wellbeing. I may not be the most influential or popular person, but I am an empathic individual and I strongly believe everyone’s voice should be heard. Becoming a student representative would be the beginning of a lifelong dream of mine- sharing my experience, my journey, my story, hopefully encouraging people to speak up and seek their highest potential. I would be more than grateful to welcome every student, every idea and introduce KU Leuven in all its dimensions.


Victoria Gornet

I would like to again be a student representative for the simple reason that I want to be able to help other students again using the experience I have gained during the past 2 years.

Betül Küçük

I would love to be a student representative so that I can be the voice of students. Also, so that I can directly participate in the improvement of our university. And finally to be the communication bridge between students and teachers!

Jan Dequeker

We have all learned to be critical and reasonable during our time at KUL. Yet, I have felt that our individual voices are not always heard. I am a student representative candidate because I want to hear about your troubles, concerns and successes. Trust me to collectively represent your individual concerns to our faculty. Vote for empathy, communication, and persistence.

Asgar Polukhov

As students, we have creative and critical ideas about ways to improve the quality of exams, classes, and social life in our university. But, we need caring, involved, and patient representatives who will not only send our messages to the faculty in a systematic and clear way, but will also themselves take actions to improve the students’ academic and campus life. And i sincerely would like to be one of these student representatives!