Since Campus Brussels is not exactly a full campus, the sports opportunities provided by the university are limited. With that said, all of the sports activities in campus are provided by Stuvo+.


Although the facilities for training are not fully provided, you are provided eligibility to compete in university tournaments organized for students. These are announced by stuvo+, and given the amount of skill you possess, you would be able to participate on these tournaments. Said tournaments vary from indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, futsal, and badminton all the way to e-sport tournaments. 


Thursday Night Sports

To elaborate, the students of our campus have a booked indoor court every Thursday at 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. located at VUB SportsCenter (Boulevard du Triomphe 20, 1160 Auderghem). During this year, the court alternates every week between basketball and volleyball, each with their own responsible manager (their contact info can be found at Stuvo+, and on the Facebook group). People who would wish to participate in this activity can find more info and be part of it by joining the closed Facebook group: Thursday Night Sports Following stuvo+ and joining these sports groups is important, because some opportunities vary from year to year so you have to keep an eye on something that would interest you.

Where & When?

  • located at VUB SportsCenter (Boulevard du Triomphe 20, 1160 Auderghem)
  • every Thursday at 7 p.m. until 8 p.m.

In Brussels.

Since Brussels is a relatively big city there are many sports opportunities not connected to the campus, like sports clubs and fitness.


For people interested in fitness there is a very easy and convenient choice. All across Brussels there are Basic-fit gyms which you can subscribe to at a fairly reasonable price. With that subscription you can join any of these gyms at any time they are open. This is very convenient because Basic-fit gyms are located in every neighborhood of Brussels in abundance. For those interested they also offer female-only gyms located in specific locations. You can sign up to Basic-fit at their website:

Sports Centers.

For people interested in sports outside campus, you can join different sports clubs located in Brussels, or if you want to play with friends you can book a court. The most predominant and well known to us are 2 Sports Centers where you can book a court or go there to inquire about joining a club.

These are the VUB SportsCenter located at the Campus VUB (the address is aforementioned), and Palais du Midi which is located in the Brussels City Center 15 minutes away from the campus (Rue Roger van der Weyden 3, 1000 Bruxelles)

Also for people who just want to play casual some afternoon or weekend, there are a lot of open courts and fields all around Brussels. Since there is an abundance of them, we would advice you to look up online the most convenient, and closest ones to you. For any other specific question about sports, please feel free to contact STUVO+.