Executive Committee

Are you curious who manages the day to day activities of ISCEB? Find the team underneath!

This page includes an overview of the members of the Executive Committee during the academic year 2020-2021.

  • President: Kejsi Kollcaku
  • Vice President Operations: Klea Zyka
  • Vice President Education: Fabia Becaus
  • Marketing Manager: Doruk Boran Yeni
  • Diversity and Sustainability Manager: Anastasia Dvoryanchikova
  • Secretary: Fjona Mehmeti
  • Finance Manager: Jessica Lemmer
  • Events Manager: Frida Trepca
  • Incoming Students Manager: Nurana Ahmadova
  • Student Development Manager: Cem Ege Karaca
  • Human Resource Manager: Sofya Tseytlina