Candidates for 3rd Bachelor of Business Administration 2021-2022

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Asgar Polukhov

As students, we have creative and critical ideas about ways to improve the quality of exams, classes, and social life in our university. But, we need caring, involved, and patient representatives who will not only send our messages to the faculty in a systematic and clear way, but will also themselves take actions to improve the students’ academic and campus life. And i sincerely would like to be one of these student representatives!

Anushri Pandey

To represent the voice of students to the faculty and the administration at large to make the lives of students easy in Brussels.

Zeynep Deniz  Güvenol

Ever since I started studying in KUL, I benefited from the student council a lot whether it was for getting to know the country and the city better, having a better social life, understanding how university works, preparing for the exams, and of course being able to voice my opinion whenever needed to, especially during the past year. I witnessed the council actually trying and doing their best for students to have the best possible environment not just within the campus but outside as well. The impact of ISCEB stood out for me and I believe that I will be a good fit for the council.

Enriko Shkurti

Been in this too long. If you know who i am you probably know i am the right choice 😉

Maryam Ismayilzada

As an international student myself, I believe, I have faced the majority of possible struggles of students, and I’m extremely interested in helping others to solve their problems. Additionally, in my opinion, as KU Leuven is a large university, this is a great opportunity to make even more acquaintances with fellow students from different faculties.

Alhamd Bin Faisal

I want to continue what has been started for the past two year and would love to continue helping people around me by again becoming the student representative.

Anastasia Dvoryanchikova

Being a student representative for me is not only about individually helping students but creating a welcoming atmosphere during their studies. As a student representative, I am planning to ensure transparency between student representatives and the student body. Without violating private information, I do believe that keeping the students in the loop is what makes student representatives the bridge between the Faculty and the student body.

I have been a student representative for the past two years at KU Leuven. Over those years I have helped my students, mainly remotely due to corona, by answering administrative questions, creating social network, and helping them academically.
You have my word that I will adequately represent BBA students and their voices 🙂

Sofya Tseytlin

Two years of experience as student rep and one year as board member of the student council have helped me develop expertise in student-faculty and student-student communication and loyalty towards the university and the council, which keeps me motivated to continue representing the students in the best way possible next academic year.

Andrés Charry

I have been part of the student council and the permanent education commission since last May. Throughout my journey as a representative, I believe to have represented my fellow students to the best of my abilities. I always let my voice be heard and stand proudly to make the students have a better experience at university. I have the knowledge, passion and dedication required to be a student representative, and I want to continue representing my fellow students this academic year. There is still so much to work on, and so many projects to be finished, and being a part of the student council would allow me to help on reaching this goals.