Candidates for 2nd Bachelor of Business Engineering 2021-2022

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Fabio Kaimi

I was a student representative of BBE during the first phase and I believe I have done e great job. I believe that I have the abilities to represent my fellow students and in my opinion my help is much needed. This role also offers me the chance to communicate about different topics related to our program and to help in making BBE better in the future. I am the right person to represent the students’ demands

Doruk Boran Yeni

For the last two Academic Years, I have been a student Representative of ISCEB and this year also Representative on the Steering Committee of the BBEng Program. This year within the program I took part in every Education Committee meeting where I always raised the concerns of the students, and the organization of the Student Hearing with the Program Coordinator and I was always in close contact with the Faculty. I have had a conversation with most of the students during the Academic Year with their questions regarding the Program, Education Regulations, and many more.

During the Covid 19 crisis, where we saw the importance of the communications between the Faculty and students, as a Student Representative, I always tried to give the correct information to my friends about the regulations of the University and any other program-specific information.

The correct way to solve any problem is to raise that problem to the correct address. With my experience as a Student Representative for two years, I know the correct address for any of the problems students face during the Academic year.

As a Student Representative, I believe that giving the correct information on practical matters and Regulation matters is one of our main responsibilities as a bridge between the faculty and students. I will be always available as I was this year, for the program and faculty-specific problems that BBENG and other students face during the year.

You can again always contact me with Regulation, Program Specific, Faculty, and may more questions that you might have. I can assure you that you will always receive the correct information and support

Minh Ha Nguyen

As an Asian, coming here, I experienced quite much difficulty in adapting to the new environment, new culture and struggling with language barrier. This lockdown time, however, is actually a blessing for me to have more time to learn the culture, the language, and I am lucky to meet a lot of helpful local friends here helping me. I know there are still a lot of things I need to learn and observe, but I would say I am now a much better version than when I first came here. I don’t feel that big language barrier between me and my fellows anymore, I am comfortable to join the discussions in the class, and I can help quite a few classmates with their studying, which makes me glad as well. My results in the first semester are good, and I believe it is not a thing many people can easily achieve in my program.
Throughout this school year, I saw a lot of events held by ISCEB, and I thought if in those events, there were at least one Asian there, it would be a lot more inspirational for me to get out of the comfort zone and join the community, and apparently he/she understands well the struggling that I can meet, and give some motivational advice, not just the discouragement from seniors from my region. That is why I decide to fill this form, of course after considering whether I can handle the study load too.

Phuong Nguyen

I want to support my classmates with issues related to their studies. Plus, I want to improve my CV.

Muhammad Ali Ghezwan

I’ve always been eager to be a part of student councils. Being one in my alevels as well. Hosting events has been my forte and working with teams as well. Moreover I’m an international student so I might be able to help my fellows better because I’d know what the main issues are.

Awwab Ahmad

I believe since the Bachelor of Business Engineering is fresh program, student representation from our batch is especially very important to give feedback and suggestions to the faculty on how the situation can be improved. For example the registration process can be more streamlined (many people including me were not enrolled in USLB for almost 3 weeks after) and the handling of course contents can be also be preferably be done in one portal instead of the current 3. Other than academics I wish to be a part of a student organization that can play a bigger part in the health and interests of the students, case in point being that due to COVID the social life of our batch has really suffered and it is not unreasonable to think ahead of having a renewed Orientation week for our batch again after COVID regulations subside so we can all actually get to meet each other.

Other than this I already am a Student Ambassador for FEB here and I hope that by being part of this both of my responsibilities can compliment each other and I will have a better understanding of the university processes.

Cem Ege Karaca

I enjoy giving back to the community

Arthur Debelle

Keeping the work I’m currently doing and continuing to help my students! 🙂

Malak Ahmed

I love feeling like I can help people, especially that the university poses many challenges and without proper representation, it would make things even harder. I’ve seen my student representatives do a great job in providing us with comfort and answers when we need them and I would love to do the same next year.