Candidates for 2nd Bachelor of Business Administration 2021-2022

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Ceyhun Uyan

My motivation to become a student representative of my program comes from the experiences we all as the students had to go through during the first year of the global pandemic. The people around the world have been living in an awfully difficult period and the students are no exception to that. In addition to the pandemic, one of the possible reasons for the hard time the students had to experience may be the fact that most of the time we are not allowed or partly allowed to take part in the decision making process, even if the possible decisions and their effects will concern us the most. Usually, the decision makers seem to consider our opinions but do not actually take what we want into account. The pandemic allowed us to acknowledge this underlying problem which has been undergoing from the foundations of the institutions. It is the same problem on the smaller scale which is the university level as well as the larger scale which is the government level. The efforts by the decision making mechanisms to perform acts that will persuade us our feelings and opinions are taken into consideration is destined to fail without sincere actions. The times are changing among other things such as the people’s thinking style and the things they care about the most. We are living in a time in which Greta Thunberg at the age of 18 is the leader of the efforts to raise awareness and force the governments and businesses to take action about climate change; and Malala Yousafzai at the age of 23 has a Nobel Prize and is the symbol person for human rights advocacy, especially the education of women and children in her native country as well as the whole world. Therefore, they with other successful young people, are the proof that we can be trusted on defining our own future, considering that we also try to improve the future of the whole world, thanks to the incapability or the negligence of the members of the older generations. Thus, I promise to work with fellow student representatives for making our voice heard by the decision makers to the best of my abilities, starting from our university, adding to the cumulative efforts of the student representatives before us. No action in this way should be underestimated. We should work collaboratively altogether with the professors and the administration, respecting their experiences and authority, if we want to achieve something significant. Wishing you all a great life with the hope of a better future for everybody.

Jason Kelly

Hey my name is Jason.

I’m originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but I’ve lived in Dublin, Ireland for the last four years. I am a confident, friendly and determined individual.
I love meeting new people, immersing myself in different cultures and learning to see life from other perspectives.The biggest thing I’ve learned from following this mentality is respect for every person – regardless of nationality, gender, race, orientation, age or physical capabilites. This mindset gives me the ability to openly communicate with a wide range of people. With KUL’s BBA program being so diverse as to have “roughly 70 nationalities”, I feel this is a key consideration in attempting to represent the group.

In my secondary school I was elected Deputy Head Boy, a member of the Senior Student Representative Council and Peer-to-Peer mentor as well as employed as debate team assistant coach. By having experienced these roles, I’m aware, and prepared, for some of the challenges faced and especially of the need to balance responsibilities.

Despite an introductary phase conducted during the pandemic, I am on friendly terms with a large number of my intake and a good few of the intake above, thus allowing a broader overview of any potential issues.

I feel that being a member of the International Student Council for Economics and Business will not only benefit me – by allowing me to meet new people from various cultures, gain more experience working within a team unit, learn from others and enhance my employability – it would also allow me to help those in my program, new and old, with any of their queries or issues faced as well as help voice their opinions and generally help build a more positive atmosphere on campus (which is particularly relevant after the year we’ve had).

At the end of the day student representatives are the bridges between students, professors, program directors and the program itself and I would really enjoy being a part of that liaison process.

Thank you for your consideration in candidacy for election.

Artyom Ayvazyan

After being a student representative of BBA for one academic year, I couldn’t resist but apply for an extension for another year. This position helped me develop and strengthen leadership skills, assist fellow students with having their voices heard. It also helped me be more responsible in all my endeavors.

Carla Huysmans

I am applying for the position of a student representative at ISCEB as a first year BBA student and member of the ISCEB marketing team. I would like to help voice the opinions of students, with regards to education, well-being, and campus life. In the academic year 2020-2021 I feel that many first year students have had a very hard time adapting to the new educational system, campus, and city. The pandemic has been very hard on our grade, and it seems to be the most important time for faculty and staff to understand what we are going through as a community. As a student representative I would like to help my peers in any domain, understand their concerns, and figure out how ISCEB could be of service.

Mher Barikyan

I have been a student representative this year, but due to the situation with COVID-19, I could not experience what student representatives do and I was not able to help students on a larger scale, though I was always there for them with small day-to-day questions. And with the restrictions being removed (I hope this is the situation for the next academic year as well), I really want to make up for the “lost” time of this year. In addition, having studied in KU Leuven for almost a year has made me more conscious about student issues, and what incoming students might face. For this reasons, I am willing to again become a student representative of my program.

Maleeh Ur Rehman

Due to Covid situation International students faced a lot of problems such as difference between teaching and exams (online and on-campus), and different course style than our home country’s. I, as an international student, wants to speak about the issues everyone face and be their voice. I want to be a helping hand for those who are lacking behind. I think I can fulfill my duty as I have a 4 year experience of student council in my school (written in my CV aswell).

Alexandre Emanuel Tsvirkun de Freitas Cabral

I want to continue supporting and improving students lives at campus

Kristi Dushku

The main reason I applied as a student representative is to make sure that our voice is heard. This year, showed to all of us how important is to work together through difficult situations and besides that, the importance of being heard by our professors and by the faculty. I want us to influence more the decisions made by our university for the best of us and this is why I want to be part of the ISCEB Team.

Christian Utheim

In previous education I was elected the student representative of all the students at the school as well as class representative for my class. I found it incredibly interesting to represent my peers in conversation with the school foundation and the headmaster. It gave me a large insight into prioritizing wishes and complaints of the students as well as presenting them in an attractive way to then be able to negotiate around.

Due to my motivation for creating the best environment for good careers for all the students, combined with my previous experience in similar positions, I think I have a very good chance to do a good job.