Candidates for 1st Master of Business Administration 2021-2022

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Fabia Becaus

During the past three years at KU Leuven, I was a student representative, a board member of ISCEB and a member of the Permanent Education Commission (PEC). These years have taught me a great deal about responsibility and the community we have on our campus. Especially last year as the VP of Education, I experienced the challenges of the pandemic from within the faculty.

Being with ISCEB from its early days has shown me the impact our organisation has on every day’s student life. We have come a long way, especially during the challenging past year, but it was also a powerful lesson for the upcoming year. As the international community on our campus is rising since only recent years, the representation of international students on the faculty level became my personal priority. Last year I dedicated most of my time to creating a dialogue between students and the faculty to ensure that students voices reach the faculty. For next year, my goal is to take the voices forward to the head of our university, where the most impactful changes are made.

Regardless of the pandemic, I’m convinced that being a part of the international student council and the PEC are powerful ways to make our campus a place that is not just enjoyable for all students but also a support network beyond the university walls. However, there is still much more we can do to enhance student life on campus. Thus, I would love to receive the honour once more to be one of your representatives for the upcoming year.

As a Belgian student growing up abroad in Germany, I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the role of student representative connecting the Belgian and the international community, adding real value to the following year’s team. I aspire to enhance KUL’s learning environment and strengthen the relationships with our clubs and societies to work together to create a university that all people – no matter their nationality – can thrive in and love being a part of.

I hope I have been able to convey how sincere I am about these roles and how hopeful I am of the real reform that our team also can make next year! 🙂

Weico Huang

to give students a voice

Thu Pham

My first semester at KU Leuven as a bridging student for the MBA program has shown me that a lack of communication and understanding between the students and the university can hinder the learning process of the students, decrease their well-being and leaving them feeling like there is no empathy from the university’s side.
Problems such as a mismatch of students’ and teachers’ expectations about the course content, inconsistent grading criteria, lack of help received during the program and the examination period, etc. were all problems that I and my classmates have come across last semester and according to the experiences of past students of KU Leuven, are problems that have persisted long before our arrival here. Moreover, these problems have been worsened by lockdown regulations due to COVID-19, which created more disputes regarding study schedules and online materials upload. High level of adaptation and flexibility, along with empathy and understanding are needed on both sides – university administrators and students alike, in order to solve the current problems and create positive change within KU Leuven. That is why I believe that now more than ever is the perfect time to apply to be a student representative.
In joining the ISCEB, I am most eager to learn about the process of how a student representative can address present issues in the student communities and how the communication hierarchy works. I am really looking forward to understanding how a policy/procedure/activity gets developed: from a small idea to actual implementation in real life. What is the process? Who do I talk to? How does it all work? How can I be of help and contribute to building sustainable change in my program? Having a greater understanding of how the program and the process work, not only from the students’ perspective, but also from the teachers’ and administrators’ point of view, will give me a better idea of how I can create a positive education environment that encourages equality, diversity, and fairness. Aside from this, I am also very excited at the opportunities to make friends from different backgrounds who can inspire me to make a lasting impact and show me how diverse minds can bring great results!
A bit about myself, I am an organized person (or at least I try to be 😊) who likes to take a proactive approach to things and who is not afraid to take the lead if need be. I speak my mind and I have excellent teamwork and communication skills from my past experiences of working with people from all around the globe. If I get elected as a student representative, I will help build a safe environment where students’ voices are heard and take actions to ensure that they can thrive within the environment of KU Leuven. My dedication and commitment can surely be a positive addition to any team.
Be the change! ~

Monica Heng

University is a special experience and opportunity to get to know other students, encourage idea exchanges, foster creativity, and support innovation. This being said being a student representative means being able to facilitate, communicate, encourage and spread these important opportunities on behalf of other students to make sure students make the most out of the chapter in their lives titled University. Supporting and bringing the best out of the students would in turn create out-of-the-box improvements for all students, a cycle of positivity and innovation. Therefore I wish to become a student representative not only to witness these experiences first hand but also to support them along the way. And hopefully, at the end of the journey be able to see some wonderful ideas and solutions come to life!

Jessica Lemmer

Since the start of my journey at KUL 4 years ago, I have always been invested in helping students with their problems, questions and concerns. I have always been open to lending a helping hand wherever and whenever I can, to the best of my ability. This past year, I was given the honour of not only helping, but also representing my fellow students in an official manner.

Alongside it being a wonderful learning experience for me, I also felt I was able to successfully and powerfully share the collective concerns of the student body, especially during this wild year.

Not only was I a student representative, but I was also given the opportunity to be on the board of ISCEB. This allowed me to help build a student council with the mission of creating the best experience for students on Campus Brussels for years to come, albeit it being virtually this year.

I think it is of upmost crucial importance to give students a say in matters concerning them. This is why I would like to continue being a student representative, to not only maintain, but also strengthen the conversation between students and the faculty.

It would be an honour to represent the students of the MBA programme and if I were to be elected, I ensure you I will be dedicated to sharing the voice of the students and fighting for our needs.

Obinna Odenigbo

I have always had an interest in representing and defending my peers and as an extension myself. During my bachelor’s at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences I was an active student representative. Which enabled me to see the inner workings of the school and enhanced my overall experience. It is easy to have a pessimistic view of school where all the “power” lies in the hands of lecturers and supervisors, but I know a lot can be achieved through good communication.

Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to meet a variety of great minds at student jobs, networking events, extra-curricular activities, and more. I strongly believe that these encounters have made me a person who is aware and conscious of his surrounding which is, in my opinion, a great quality to have as a student representative.

Lastly, I enjoy the collectively that comes with being a student representative. We all might have different ways of thinking, but at the end of the day, we all aim for the same thing which is representing and defending the students’ interests. In such an environment, I see myself as the glue that can bring concerned parties together and facilitate conversations