Become a student representative

for your programme!

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Why do we need student representatives?

Student representatives at FEB campus Brussels take care of educational matters in the programs they represent.

What do they do?

They support the students they represent and work collectively to solve arising problems. Their goal is to not only solve problems, but to support students during their academic career at KU Leuven.

They do so by answering questions from their fellow students, working together with the Faculty on possible improvements, and bringing light to pressing issues.

Student representatives form the General Assembly of ISCEB. General Assemblies are hosted every month where we discuss problems at hands, try to come up with solutions, and see what improvements can be made at FEB, campus Brussels. As a student representative, you also get a chance to participate in discussions on the Faculty level by joining committees, like Permanent Education committee (PEC) and Steering Committee (for Business Engineering). In these committees, you represent students’ opinions in the discussions with the faculty members.


Once a month you have to attend ISCEB General assemblies. In case you want to join any extra committees, your presence during those meetings will also be required (on a monthly basis). Outside of the meetings, you answer questions coming from students and actively participate in dicussions that arise within ISCEB.


  • Be a student now and next year of one of the following programs: Business Administration, Business Engineering, MIBEM. (* Students who will be in their first-year Bachelor, MIBEM, Bridging and Prepratory programs will be notified next year of the elections in October 2023)
  • Send your motivation letter and CV when applying.

Elections seats:

Seats are calculated proportionally according to the number of students in every programs.

Currently, the number of seats per program and phase is:

  • BBA2 – 8
  • BBA3 – 7
  • MBA – 7
  • BBE1 – 5
  • BBE2 – 4
  • BBE3 – 3
  • MIBEM – 11

Students with the highest number of votes fill in the seats in descending order.