The night life in Belgium usually starts around 9 pm and lasts until early in the morning. If you enjoy beer but you’re on a tight budget, parties organised by student societies would be the right fit for you. Make sure to follow Aloisiana, Kuba, Honim, Storm, etc. on Facebook to stay updated about the events. “Dagdisco” is the Dutch word for “Day Disco” and is a party from 2 pm until 2 am the next day. TD’s are regular student parties organised by the societies which only take place during the week. However, to really experience the Belgian student nightlife, you should visit the student cities such as Leuven or Gent.  

Other top places to go:

–    Scots for an after-study beer

–    Jefke at ULB (best student parties, 1 beer = 1 Euro, dress code: everything that can get dirty)

–    Celtica (An Irish pub with the best happy hour offer: 6€ for a pitcher of beer)

–    Shot bar (1 shot = 1€)

–    Delirium (try out every Belgian Beer, they also have a shot bar)

–    Big Game (a sports bar which displays all football games of the European league)

–    O’Reillys Nua (Karaoke on the first floor, dancing on the second floor; best Jägerbombs)

–    The Bar (popular bar of student societies; usually busy during the week)